Avon Nailwear Pro Aqua Fantasy

Hello Beauties . .
I’m always on the look out for beautiful nail colours and this month’s Avon catalogue was like Heaven for me. Avon launched 28 new shades in 3 different finishes . The 3 finishes are : Creamy Finish, Shimmer& Sequins Finish and normal. Sadly I had been stocking up on nail paints from June and had bought 10  nail paints from the last month brochure. I became sad as I would not be able to buy a lot. But I decided to try a new shade, close to TEAL . .Which as you know is trending in the Fashion world.
Well to be honest buying nail colours from the Avon catalogue is a tough job. The sample shades printed are so deceiving. But thankfully this one turned as I expected.

Avon Nailwear Pro Aqua Fantasy
Avon Nail wear Pro Aqua Fantasy

What the brochure says:

Salon quality, high shine formula lasts up to 10 days.
~No ingredients list is given. There are total 6 shades in this category.
~The colour is a fabulous teal unlike the Faces Nail Polish-Teal which turned out to be a Persian green. .
~The colour is glossy, stays about 3 days but the tips chip from day 2 . Th colour becomes opaque in 1 coat .
~The colour would suit fair skinned women easily but for women with darker colouring ,you may give this a miss.


  • Nice Shade , trendy colour
  • Price is decent . . The offer was like Rs. 99 for one and 2 for Rs. 179.  MRP was Rs. 149 each  . .They provide ample discounts from time to time so you will get it at discount
  • Summery colour and great for pedicures when you are bored with just peaches and nudes and pinks on your toes. Try this shade . .It’ll be a great change.
  • Turns opaque in first coating
  • Stays for 2-3 days


  • Availability an issue as you only get these products through a representative.
  • Chips in 3 days which might be an issue for some
  • Shade will not suit all skin colouring
  • No ingredients list provided
 Well that sums it all up. To all eying this particular shade hope this helps. There are many more new shades, launched this month so check them out.
Here’s how it looks on me . .Hope you like it .
Thank you for making time to read this post. Have a pleasant day.


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