Avon Simply Pretty Nail Enamel Cool Coral NE23

Hello Beauties,
Here’s a short review and swatch for this really pretty nail enamel. Hope all of you like it and enjoy your day

Avon Cool Coral
Avon Simply Pretty Cool Coral

Cool Coral is a very nice color . .The color is a bright coral and its in a glossy finish.
The packaging is nice . They come in small glass bottles and the applicator is normal quality. But the main point is that these are dirt cheap. They come in 65/- for ml. per bottle but on months they offer 3 for 130 . . So you will not feel guilty picking up a lot. For Students with limited budget these would be ideal.

Cool Coral
Cool Coral

The feature I love the most is that it will look great on both fair skinned women as well as darker complexions.
Now summing up Pro’s and Con’s

  • Great Color . .I get compliments each time I wear this shade.
  • Wearable for both Fair Skinned and Darker complexions
  •  Turns opaque in 1st coat and dries fast
  • Color stays for 4-5 days and even more but tips chip from day 3.
  • Safe and reliable brand. Used by many so will not harm
  • Does not dry up fast. And as it is only 5 ml you will end up using your enamel before it dries up.


  •  Availability an issue as these are available only through an Avon Rep.
  • Quantity is little
  • Buying from catalogue can be risky as pictures are misleading.
  • No ingredients list given.

Well thats it . .Hope you liked the shade . . I’ll Give it ♥♥♥♥ . .1 ♥ deducted for problem of finding a rep. and for not providing an ingredients list.
Take Care . .


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