The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter Review

The Body shop Satsuma Body Butter Review main

Hello Everyone, Imagine something Orange, Round and with a tangy smell  … What came to you mind? An orange Right ? Well, today I talk about an orange in a Tub. Well, not an orange- a Satsuma. It’s become so Humid and hot here in Kolkata that applying anything with oil is like Torturing myself. But since the drying Air conditioner air has been making my skin a bit rough I had to take some action. I started by applying The Body Shop Raspberry Body butter , but Gosh it was so heavy and I literally was sweating once I […]

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Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser Skin Conditioner Normal Skin Price and Review| The New Way To Moisturise Your Skin

Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser Skin Conditioner Normal Skin Price and Review| The New Way To Moisturise Your Skin

Nivea in Shower Body Moisturizer Skin Conditioner Review Hello Everyone,   How have you guys been ? I’ve really been bad, very bad since this year started. 2015 has welcomed me with so much of problems, sickness and stress etc. I can go on for hours on how I’ve been running here and there for My Mom’s surgery, How I’ve fallen ill twice in a row, back to back since january and How I’ve been able to step out of home after nearly 15 days of confinement in my home . But let’s keep all of it aside. What I […]

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Vaseline Body Lotion Comparison : Cocoa Glow and Total Moisture


Hello Pretty People,I’m sure all of you are really enjoying the lovely weather. Too bad for me, I’ve got a very bad cold and cough from last week and seems I’ll be sick this week too. But enough about my health issue, here’s a post I’ve been delaying for quite a long time. This is a showoff between Vaseline Cocoa Glow Nourishing Body Lotion and Vaseline Total Moisture Body Lotion.To start I want to confess that while choosing Vaseline Body Lotions I did not expect any difference. I’ve been loving Vaseline Body Lotions since they came out and have tried […]

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Do Men Need Skincare???


Men, especially men in India are truly obsessed with their masculinity. They are reared in such a mindset that it becomes a necessity for them to be as far away from all things which are considered womanly. Likewise, the Womanly skincare items are not at all their cup of tea and they remained faithful to that old rough, tough and carefree attitude. Women are more prone to criticism about their looks than men, maybe that’s the sole reason for their obsession with beauty. But today even men are finding it tough to please women. Many would remember the days when […]

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