Chicken Reshmi Kebab Easy and Simple


Hey Dearies I am just in the mood to cook and have been cooking special items throughout this week.  So this is also a great recipe to try out if you have a party or guests coming home and want to make a Yummy starter .  So here goes Ingredients: Chicken: 800 Gm of Boneless Chicken (Breasts, without skin) cut into 1 1/2 inch cubes Cream :Preferably heavy CREAM 100ML Lemon Juice: 7/8 lemon juice extracted Butter:30Gm Ginger: 5-6Gm Garlic: 6-7 cloves Peppers: Medium sized peppers/Jalapeno Peppers (As per taste) chopped Cilantro: 50gm Almonds: 5-6 pieces Instructions: Soak the almonds […]

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Paw Bhaji Easy & Simple Recipe


Hey Dearies, This is a very delicious and easy recipe for all of your family and it’s great as your Kids will love it plus its healthy.  It is basically a spicy mashed-mixed vegetable mixture(Bhaji) with bread (PAW)  . . Now Without Much Time waste Lets Start  Ingredients: Potatoes: 2-3 and sliced into small portions Tomatoes:4-5 Mashed Vegetables: Well this is the best part, you can add many vegetables if desired like cauliflower, cabbage, beans, peas, beetroot, carrots and so on . .But I usually add Carrots, Beans, peas ,Capsicum  Peas: 1/2 Cup Carrots: 1 Beans: 1/2 cup Capsicum:1/2 cup […]

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Chicken Pizza Recipe Easy and Hassle Free

Hey Dearies,Who does not love pizza’s and I bet you are thinking of feasting on one right now . .:)So I thought why not share my own recipe which I use to make some quick and healthy snack. It serves great as a dinner substitute also so here I go with the recipe. This recipe is a hit among kids and I bet it’ll be also a hit with your family members too. The below recipe serves 4 adults.Also Don’t forget to take part in my ongoing Giveaway HERE Ingredients: 4 medium sized pizza bases (available at local market and […]

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Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner -Black


Hey Dearies, So it’s getting chilly and due to the sudden dip in temperature I’m down with a nasty fever . . So I was unable to do any posts for you guys . Sorry .  But I’m a bit well now and Today I have a very nice product review to share with you.  I have been using this product everyday since I got it and it has been a very useful product.    Let’s see what I find interesting. Oh . .And Do take part in my ongoing Giveaway . .Check it out HERE I’ve been a fan […]

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Pedicure At Home


Feet become rough, dull and unhealthy with the daily wear and tear. .For that you need to rejuvenate it from time to time.A pedicure at a salon is costly and also time-consuming.So for all the beauties who want to keep their feet healthy ,here are some simple methods to keep your feet healthy.Most of the products are home-made  and also I suggest you someproducts you can buy at shops for those who want to invest on a set for pedicure. Lets Begin . . You will Need:1. Warm water and milk (5:1 ratio) -this is the foot soak . .Alternatively you can […]

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