10 Makeup Items Brides Should Have In Their makeup Kit


A girl’s one of the most important days when she can fulfill all her desires to look like a princess in real life is none other than her wedding day. Her wedding day is a day where she can be the center of attraction, it’s a day when people will wait to see her face. With so much baggage going on she may feel worried or a bit apprehensive about how she should look like or what kind of makeup she should go for to make all the heads turn in her direction with everyone’s eyes filled with awe and […]

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MAC Isabel and Ruben Toledo Collection Lipstick Victoriana Review | MAC Toledo Victoriana Review

MAC Isabel and Ruben Toledo Collection Victoriana Review Swatch Price

Hello Everyone, MAC has been rolling out Limited Editions but the steep price and the Rush to pickup the shades has become a pain for the ardent MAC Lovers. Since only a limited number of shades reach Indian Makeup counters, it’s a rush to pickup your favorite shades and most of the times it’s sold out within minutes. But today we have a shade from the MAC Limited Edition Isabel and Ruben Toledo Collection named Victoriana . Lets take a minute, and awe on this packaging, I mean like legit class is what this packaging spells, its rubbery matte crisp […]

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Some Quintessential Beauty Products Especially For Your Skin Care

beauty tips for skin 4

Some Quintessential Beauty Products Especially For Your Skin Care Hello ladies ,   “Beauty is only skin deep” – Sir Thomas Overbury   When Sir Thomas Overbury coined the idiom some four hundred years ago, he never imagined that the phrase would gain such importance in present times when proper skin care has become highly essential to retain long lasting beauty. Skin is the most important component of a beautiful persona. Hence we must take adequate care of it throughout the year.   Beauty means not only having a cute face, but a beautiful, charismatic personality inside in and out. […]

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Easy tips for Monsoon Hair Care : Guest Post


Easy tips for Monsoon Hair Care : Guest Post The eternal worry that troubles one during Monsoons is infinite Bad Hair Day. The dampness somehow seems to stick to the hair like flies to the pile of dung! Wouldn’t you like to be a diva that has impeccable hair all year long, no matter what the season is? Though it’s a bane to have frizzy or not-so-manageable hair, however the trouble is going to increase during rains. Come what may, just glance through these easy tips and try to implement : ●     Avoid all the hair styling products, because those […]

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