How To Straighten Hair Naturally

How To Straighten Hair(1)

Hi, Straight smooth hair may be your fantasy but most of us hate the fact that we have to use chemicals to straighten it or use heat to straighten it. Both chemicals and heat damage our hair and most people also face hair fall following harsh chemical or regular styling . So, today I’m here with some natural remedies that can help you straighten your hair naturally. How To Straighten Your Hair Naturally :   There are a few tricks that can be used to straighten your hair naturally, without using heat or chemicals.  So, let’s begin:   Method 1 […]

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Chicken Pizza Recipe Easy and Hassle Free

Hey Dearies,Who does not love pizza’s and I bet you are thinking of feasting on one right now . .:)So I thought why not share my own recipe which I use to make some quick and healthy snack. It serves great as a dinner substitute also so here I go with the recipe. This recipe is a hit among kids and I bet it’ll be also a hit with your family members too. The below recipe serves 4 adults.Also Don’t forget to take part in my ongoing Giveaway HERE Ingredients: 4 medium sized pizza bases (available at local market and […]

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Pedicure At Home


Feet become rough, dull and unhealthy with the daily wear and tear. .For that you need to rejuvenate it from time to time.A pedicure at a salon is costly and also time-consuming.So for all the beauties who want to keep their feet healthy ,here are some simple methods to keep your feet healthy.Most of the products are home-made  and also I suggest you someproducts you can buy at shops for those who want to invest on a set for pedicure. Lets Begin . . You will Need:1. Warm water and milk (5:1 ratio) -this is the foot soak . .Alternatively you can […]

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