MAC Flat out Fabulous Lipstick Review and Swatch

MAC flat out fabulous main

MAC has been known for some of it’s signature MAC lipstick shades which never seem to go out of fashion. Flat out fabulous, is one of those colours that instantly makes you feel worth a million dollars.  Is it only me, or does every one think that FLAT OUT FABULOUS, is one of those really elite feeling colour.  Hello sweets with my very first review on BAA, lets know more about this wonder shade MAC Flat out Fabulous. Mac Flat out Fabulous Lipstick Review and Swatch:  MAC Flat out Fabulous is part of the permanent line of Lipstick now after […]

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Essence Long Lasting Lipstick Coral Calling Review , Swatch , Price and Buy in India

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick Coral Calling Review , Swatch , Price and Buy in India man

Hello Ladies, My mother always suggests that I should not ‘judge a Book by it’s Cover’ but in reality that’s what most of us do. Right ? We go to the store, pick up the book with the most attractive Stolyline or Illustrations and happily bring it home. And what happens next ? Most of us just give up after we read the first few pages and discover- it’s a waste of Time. Well, Today I want to show you a Brand I heard of from a few International websites and when I saw these on Amazon I grabbed two […]

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Maybelline Superstay 14Hr Lipstick Review – Eternal Rose : Swatches, Price and Buy in India


hello Ladies, Eternal Rose- the name itself intrigues me. Is there a rose or a flower that can stay untouched , undamaged all it’s life and maybe be till eternity . Or maybe it has a different meaning altogether. I love Roses and red is one of my favorite shades . I love it to a great extent and you’d probably see me wearing different types of Reds throughout the day. But this shade is not a red , it’s a pretty Rosy Fuchsia Color which has me lusting for more. But Errr . .Not every Good Color Comes with […]

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Loreal Shine Caresse Cherie | Loreal Lip Gloss Review, Swatch, Buy in India


Lipglosses have really not been my thing, You know? There will always be things that are not ‘Your Thing’ ; Like Coffee is definitely ‘My thing’ yet tea is not at all ‘my thing’. You understand, Right? If you don’t I’ll explain. I have naturally darker lips and that makes it difficult to wear lip glosses. Most light shades don’t look good on my lips as they tend to look dark and mostly unflattering. Also , I have fuller lips and with shiny glosses they seem to look as if the lips are too big . But, I wanted change […]

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Top 11 Makeup Mistakes To avoid

Highlighting all features

Hello ladies,  We all make mistakes at one point of time . We are not perfect and hence learn from our mistakes, but many of us end up not even realising that we made a mistake. Even celebrities make makeup mistakes and we could therefore be making mistakes too. Wondering if you’re making any makeup mistakes lately?  Here’s a list of top 11 makeup mistakes to avoid . These makeup mistakes might make you look unnatural and add a few years to your looks.    Makeup Mistakes To Avoid:  There are Many Makeup mistakes to Avoid but these might be the most […]

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