Real Techniques Expert Face Brush Review


Real Techniques is a brand which suddenly everyone raved about some months ago . I was skeptical at first but seeing all the lovely ladies going Gaga over them I thought I should not deprive myself of the opportunity. The problem aroused when I came to know it was unavailable in India and one had to get them through some International site. Even that was OK until I heard they have PayPal (Why!! Why you no take debit cards??) And the people at the customs were demanding quite a bit of money. How I got my hands on them then??? […]

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The 5 Pink Lipsticks I can’t Live Without


Hello Beauties, My favourite color is Red but being a girl I simply adore Pink’s . Any type of pink attracts me. So I thought I should do a special post on the 5 Pink Lipsticks I cannot live without . . So Here Goes Revlon Vital Radiance Moisture Boosting Lip color Rich Rose I just love this color. It has that Rose Color which instantly brightens up your face. I just apply this and keep my Eyes simple and this just makes me look glowing.  It has a very delighting smell also . .Which I love so much. For […]

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Online Shopping Experience From COSMETIX.IN


Hello Everyone, At first I confess that I really don’t like going to the  Counters for Makeup shopping. I get easily convinced and in past every time I used to buy from a Counter the SA would convince me into taking a shade or a product which I will regret buying later. So, I nowadays have resented to buying online. I get great prices, pay cash on delivery and also I get multiple brands under one roof. So on such an online shopping impulse I bought a Lipstick from , and I want to share my experience with you. […]

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Makeup For Beginners- Skincare


Hello .I’m here with my Makeup For beginners series. . This post will try to solve the most frequent problems of a Beginner . . Lets Start : For everyone I would like to suggest that makeup may play in making anyone look magical in minutes but the true beauty lies within ones self . .So to discover that is the greatest goal of all . .Being a beginner you must understand that only the face is not the center of attraction . Yes, we usually first judge someone by their face but only achieving a beautiful face should not […]

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