5 Minute office/ Casual outing Makeup with Minimal Products


Hello,If you are like me who likes to go out often and these plans usually pop up at the last moment then you would have faced the last minute Rush at least a few times. All those plans of wearing this and that and creating that perfect look goes out of the window and all you can think about is making it there in time ..  Also for office goers a sudden meeting or a last moment party may as well pop up . For those tricky situations where you are bound by the clock and need to keep it […]

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REVLON Go Flex Protein Body Building Shampoo Review


Revlon Go Flex Body Building Protein ShampooI live in a busy polluted city  ..I have to go out in the sun for long hours. .My hair becomes dry and limp and needs to be shampooed every other day to keep it feeling ‘Dirt Free’. I do feel the need for a gentle cleansing shampoo for my everyday shampooing. Do you also feel the same way ? Is regular shampooing is taking away the hair’s health? Then do read on to know more.  REVLON GO Flex Protein Body Building Shampoo: Nope this is not about that handsome Boduybuilder in your GYM […]

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The 5 Pink Lipsticks I can’t Live Without


Hello Beauties, My favourite color is Red but being a girl I simply adore Pink’s . Any type of pink attracts me. So I thought I should do a special post on the 5 Pink Lipsticks I cannot live without . . So Here Goes Revlon Vital Radiance Moisture Boosting Lip color Rich Rose I just love this color. It has that Rose Color which instantly brightens up your face. I just apply this and keep my Eyes simple and this just makes me look glowing.  It has a very delighting smell also . .Which I love so much. For […]

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Revlon Vital Radiance Moisture Boosting Lipcolor Rich Rose


Hello Beauties, Here’s another lipstick I adore . .This one was recently gifted to me and from the moment I opened the cap it was like Love At First Sight . . OK . . That’s a bit too much . .I know but really this is a very splendid color. Not too bright, not too light . .It’s the right shade to perk up your boring day . . You must have realized till now that I’m like crazy about it.  But lets see if it is really worth you to try  Revlon is an American makeup brand and […]

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