Akansha Baranga Face and Body Grain : Review


Akansha Baranga Face And Body Grain Review | Akansha Baranga Face and Body Grain Hello Girls, Today, I will introduce you to a product which I have been loving these few months .It’s an ayurvedic preparation made by a Brand based in west Bengal named Akansha .Akansha is a widely known brand in West Bengal and is available at most Beauty shops. It’s an ayurvedic brand which makes simple ayurvedic preparations for skin and body . Read on to know more about the Product : What Akansha claims about Branga Face and Body grain ? Akansha Baranga Face and Body […]

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HipHop Face Scrub Strawberry Review and Mini haul

Hello Friends,Two days back I received some products from Stylecraze. I was so delighted to finally get hold of a product I’ve read many reviews on. The product is one from my recent mini haul.Firstly,I have an oily t-zone and develop blackheads if I don’t use a scrub regularly. So to avoid this I usually use a gentle scrub from Clean & Clear . .But last week I finished my tube and since then just forgot to buy a new tube.I was doing a bit of shopping online and saw this on Stylecraze. I just ordered it on impulse.But Surely […]

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