The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter Review

The Body shop Satsuma Body Butter Review main

Hello Everyone, Imagine something Orange, Round and with a tangy smell  … What came to you mind? An orange Right ? Well, today I talk about an orange in a Tub. Well, not an orange- a Satsuma. It’s become so Humid and hot here in Kolkata that applying anything with oil is like Torturing myself. But since the drying Air conditioner air has been making my skin a bit rough I had to take some action. I started by applying The Body Shop Raspberry Body butter , but Gosh it was so heavy and I literally was sweating once I […]

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10+ Skin Care Tips You Should Definitely Know

10 Skin Care Tips You Should Definitely Know main

Hello Everyone, I have not come across a woman who does not want glowing skin. I myself always look out for new therapies, tips tricks or products to make my skin appear better, plump and glowing. But with the fast lifestyle and pressure at work I know many women neglect their skin and hair care and at the end repent for not paying adequate attention. Today I share skin care tips that will surely help you to get glowing and better skin : Skin Care Tips Keep Skin Safe , Use Sunscreen: It’s been told a million times and you […]

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Inatur Herbals Sandal Fairness Body Scrub Review | Is it Really worth a Try ?

Inatur herbals Sandal fairness Scrub Review Price buy in India Herbal body Scrub 2

Inatur Herbals Sandal Fairness Body Scrub Review Hello Everyone, Herbal products are good for the skin , since they have natural ingredients. I love Herbal products but here in India you can literally sell anything with ‘Herbal’ printed on it, even though it’s nowhere herbal.  I try out many brands but while trusting a fairly new brand , as a Beauty Enthusiast I do have some doubts in mind. I saw Inatur Herbal Products on Myntra and through I’d give them a try .That’s how I got Inatur Herbals Sandal Fairness Body Scrub and now that I’ve used it for […]

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GoodBye SunTan With Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan Clear (Review ) | Get Rid of Suntan Naturally

Nature's Essemce lacto tan Clear Review

Sometimes I Wanted To peel Away all of my Skin and Find a Different me underneath.  .. -Francesca Lia Block   I know most of us who were not born ‘FAIR SKINNED’ have always felt this way. They felt as if it would be nice if they could peel their skin off to find a more radiant and fairer skin. I oppose this trend from the depths of my heart but even if I embrace my skin tone, I will not embrace the Sun Tan that came with it . N-E-V-E-R !!!! With the Summers settling in India, honestly, whenever […]

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Etude House Missing U Hand Cream Review (Panda Story-Peach) Price and buy in india

Etude House Missing U hand Cream Panda Story Peach Review Price and Buy in India 8

Hello Dearies, I have always loved Furry creatures , I love my pet cat Raani (Queen) and also my Teddy Bears . I’m also a sucker for cute cartoon characters and cute product packaging. I’ve been wanting to add the Etude House Missing U hand creams to my kitty for so long but , you know ! Not getting the permission to use Dad’s CC online sucks real-time . I finally got this beautiful hand cream from a Local Indian Reseller who was selling these for an affordable price. If you’re interested in getting Etude house and other Korean brands […]

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