Don’t Walk Away From Household Works ! #ShareTheLoad


Hi, Today we have an interesting topic on BAA. Chores and household work is common in any home and for most of us, we’ve seen our mothers step in and do the work, but today, in the new age, it should not be a chore designated to the women only! So today, we talk about #sharetheload ! Gender Inequality or Prejudices against women are not new ! For most of our Country’s existence, Gender Inequality has been a steady part of its culture and more often than not, prejudices against women have staggered it’s growth. Even today, I’m astonished when […]

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Celebrating Bhoot Chaturdashi In West Bengal

Diwali , Mahakali Puja, Bhoot Choturdoshi : happy Diwali

Celebrating Bhoot Chaturdashi In West Bengal Hello Friends,   Well this is a quick post and quite late post  about how we celebrate Bhoot Chaturdashi the night before Mahakali puja. Mahakali Puja is a puja done on the night before Diwali and is quite popular in West Bengal and neighbouring areas. In kolkata this Puja is celebrated with much enthusiasm. But before the actual Puja day comes this day called ‘bhoot Chaturdashi’ .     What is Bhoot Chaturdashi? I hope most of you know about the Holy night of the Ghosts celebrated as Halloween in the Western countries? Well, […]

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Going Home : A Truely Moving Video by Vikas Bahl


Hello My dear Friends,   Most of you know me as a Beauty Blogger, Content Writer , Wannabe Photographer but what I am First is a Woman. I love my privacy and value others and expect the same from people around me too. With the daily increase in number of assaults against women I’ve slowly began to feel that our society is not generous to the women in our society.   Now a days it’s even scary to imagine being trapped in a deserted alley or having to come back alone late at night. With the growing number of assaults […]

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