The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter Review

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Hello Everyone, Imagine something Orange, Round and with a tangy smell  … What came to you mind? An orange Right ? Well, today I talk about an orange in a Tub. Well, not an orange- a Satsuma. It’s become so Humid and hot here in Kolkata that applying anything with oil is like Torturing myself. But since the drying Air conditioner air has been making my skin a bit rough I had to take some action. I started by applying The Body Shop Raspberry Body butter , but Gosh it was so heavy and I literally was sweating once I […]

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The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter Review


Hello Everyone, Sorry For being MIA again. But I’m really sad to say that My New Year was not at all Happy!!! It wasn’t even what I had expected. I had an accident on the 30th burning a considerable amount of skin on my Feet and thigh. I am still recovering from the pain and am stuck indoors until the area heals. So you can imagine how My New year’s Eve went. I had somehow managed to go out for dinner but I was at home the whole day from 1st and till now. But that’s quite a lot of […]

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