New Shows To Check Out In 2018!

In our modern-day urban life, it becomes difficult to keep up with the latest programmes on the television. Most of us would, in fact, invest in watching a few episodes of a good series, that are short yet engaging in the little free time we are left with. As of now, India is slowly getting used to the concept of Video on Demand like most developed nations, where cable television is becoming increasingly irrelevant. That is why I shall be talking about some new programmes I would encourage my readers to check out. So, here are some cool new shows […]

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Top 10 tips for oily skin care & Products

Top 10 tips for oily skin care & Products main

When it comes to people with oily skin they have their own set of hassles to deal with it. In my opinion oily skin is much more difficult to manage as compared to dry skin. They always have the fear of getting pimples. God forbid if they forget to wash their face and let the oil stay, they would start shining like an alien! So today I bring tips which would be useful for girls or women with oily skin. I know you have a lot of worries and doubts about your skin and this article will most certainly help […]

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You are beautiful 

you are beautiful

Hi Everyone,   My blog as you can see is named ‘Beautiful As Always’ and that’s because I believe that beautiful is a word that we all can relate too. Everyone in my opinion is beautiful whether they are size zero or size 8 , whether they are 20 or 40 !  So why do we just call some people beautiful and often feel that we aren’t beautiful ! It’s because of this notion or set structure of beauty that we have to follow! If you have ever seen a fairness ads you’ll see that most (99.99) per cent have […]

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Maybelline Fit Me Matte+ Poreless Foundation -Sun Beige 310 (For Normal to Oily Skin)

Hello,   Sometimes, when I go to a makeup counter, I feel all starry eyed  and a bit scared too. This is true, especially since you can term me as an obsessive online shopper. I get a tad bit intimidated when I go to a physical counter, because I get easily influenced. Everything looks good on me at the counter and when I get back home-Poof , nothing looks good! During the festive season, I was hunting for the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, but I was unable to guess the right shade. I finally decided to get it at a […]

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Winter Giveaway – Celebrate Christmas With Beautiful As Always

Hello Girls, Finally returning to blogging has made be become determined to continue blogging for many more years to come and to celebrate the special homecoming , we’re here with a new Giveaway!

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