Makeup For Beginners – Face


Hello Ladies, I got a very good response from my previous Makeup For Beginners post so thank you all for supporting me. Your appreciation helps me to boost my confidence. A Woman’s face is the centre of attraction so we must take special care of it. Following the tips for Skincare we will now move on to finding the best investments for a Newbie . . Specifically for Face Products . . Know your skin type. We must know our skin type so that we can choose wisely our Makeup products. . Don’t buy things without making sure it suits […]

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Elle18 Eye Sparklers Blue Blast


Hello Beauties, Hope all of you are desperately waiting for the Weekend . !!!I really need a day off from studies and chores. But lets not bore you. . . Moving on to the Product which I’m going to review . .this one was released couple of years back . .I supposedly bought mine 1 year ago . . Elle18 is one of the main brands that you will definitely find in all local beauty shops in Kolkata . .It revamped its looks and launched its upgraded series with the Tag “Color Bombs” . .This one is an EYE SPARKLER […]

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Oriflame Raspberry Lip Stain


Hello Beauties . .I’ve been quite impressed by the Oriflame Red lip stain for few months now and I was determined to check it out.But for me finding a Representative was the biggest problem as I don’t want someone coming to the house and someone pushy ,more specifically. I usually view the on-line catalogs and note down the products to order and either sms or give the note personally. But enough of this. . I wanted to try this out this month and so ordered it . The Rep was sweet enough to provide me a 40 rs discount (Yayyyyy […]

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