You’re Not Just My Sister! You’re My Baby ! #MemoriesForLife


Hello,  I’ve been a single child till 9 years of my life and then one morning in Early November, I became a sister ! like most elder sisters I was elevated to adulthood in a day ! My parents expected me to be responsible, since I was an elder sister! They expected me to do things by myself and step in when they were unavailable to take care of the little one. I enjoyed being called the elder sister! The first few years passed and I became habituated in sharing my everyday with my sibling! Then one day when my […]

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Holi Mania in the 90’s and Celebrating Holi Now #KhulkeKheloHoli


Hello Everyone,    Holi is right at the corner and I’m sure all of you are gearing up to spend the colorful day with among friends, family and lots of colors ! Well now-a-days I don’t really play Holi cause of all the damages it does to my skin and hair. But I do play Holi with gulaal and enjoy with my family with sweets, Holi delicacies and more.  There was a time when I was 8 or 9 years old and I was new in the city ! I had very few friends but I wanted to make more […]

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Promises to keep, And Miles To Go Before I Sleep #Sadasexy


Hi Everyone,   Happy International Women’s Day! Well, I don’t want to limit the awesomeness of Women in one day , but it’s nice that we have a day to celebrate our Awesomeness! Well, that was quite a mouthful, don’t you think ? Today, I wanted to share some thoughts with you guys! As a Girl child I’ve always been reminded of the fact that I’m weaker than my male counterparts and thereby should consider slowing my pace down and become less of a ‘tomboy’ ! Yes, I was a tomboy who never dressed up for a family function, someone […]

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How To Straighten Hair Naturally

How To Straighten Hair(1)

Hi, Straight smooth hair may be your fantasy but most of us hate the fact that we have to use chemicals to straighten it or use heat to straighten it. Both chemicals and heat damage our hair and most people also face hair fall following harsh chemical or regular styling . So, today I’m here with some natural remedies that can help you straighten your hair naturally. How To Straighten Your Hair Naturally :   There are a few tricks that can be used to straighten your hair naturally, without using heat or chemicals.  So, let’s begin:   Method 1 […]

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Getting Over a Writer’s Block and Other Rants


Hello Friends,   Maybe you’ve noticed or as a matter of fact, maybe you’ve ignored this site totally, we’ve not really been that regular since a few months. And this was not only due to a shortage of time and excessive work pressures. I have always looked forward to writing as a way to regain peace of mind and look forward to the next day, but lately I could not say the same for my writing. As you might know, I went through a hell of a year in 2015 with me falling sick twice and then family problems with […]

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