How To Straighten Hair Naturally

How To Straighten Hair(1)

Hi, Straight smooth hair may be your fantasy but most of us hate the fact that we have to use chemicals to straighten it or use heat to straighten it. Both chemicals and heat damage our hair and most people also face hair fall following harsh chemical or regular styling . So, today I’m here with some natural remedies that can help you straighten your hair naturally. How To Straighten Your Hair Naturally :   There are a few tricks that can be used to straighten your hair naturally, without using heat or chemicals.  So, let’s begin:   Method 1 […]

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Getting Over a Writer’s Block and Other Rants


Hello Friends,   Maybe you’ve noticed or as a matter of fact, maybe you’ve ignored this site totally, we’ve not really been that regular since a few months. And this was not only due to a shortage of time and excessive work pressures. I have always looked forward to writing as a way to regain peace of mind and look forward to the next day, but lately I could not say the same for my writing. As you might know, I went through a hell of a year in 2015 with me falling sick twice and then family problems with […]

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Best 15 Tips To Protect Your Eyes


Hi everyone, We take immense care to look beautiful always. For that, we even use the most allergic free and branded products on our face and body, is very much hygiene when it comes to the intake of food and water etc. But, we should remember that solely doing these things will not help us in getting a well-polished body, good eyesight, and long nails. We should take extra care for all these.   When it comes to eyes, it is one of the most important parts of your face. Beautiful eyes are always an added attraction. It reflects our […]

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New Coupon Website Review:

CouponZeta 1

Hello Everyone,   Long time , no see, Right!?! Well I can’t blame anyone for being lazy about writing anything at all . But, today I share a kind of post that’s quite uncommon here at Beautiful As Always. Today we have a coupon Website review. To be honest, I am an ardent online shopper. I’ve become a pro at online shopping and have been shopping online since more than 5 years . From clothing to footwear, accessories, makeup, skincare, perfumes, electronics, furniture and even grocery shopping. You name it and I’ve at least done it once. But being a […]

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No More Slow Internet With Airtel 4G, Now Enjoy 4G Speeds at 3G rates


Hello Everyone,   There’s a funny post going around these days, where women are suggested to test their partner’s temper by providing them slow internet to work on. Well, it may be funny for some, but really ‘slow internet ‘ can be the worst things to happen just when you need some useful information or need to do something urgently. I have an internet dependent life and slow internet can be a hindrance to work as well as times when we need something urgently. I depend on it for directions, to submit my work, to connect with family, to share […]

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