10 Makeup Items Brides Should Have In Their makeup Kit


A girl’s one of the most important days when she can fulfill all her desires to look like a princess in real life is none other than her wedding day. Her wedding day is a day where she can be the center of attraction, it’s a day when people will wait to see her face. With so much baggage going on she may feel worried or a bit apprehensive about how she should look like or what kind of makeup she should go for to make all the heads turn in her direction with everyone’s eyes filled with awe and […]

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Bengali Wedding Photography By Him Titled- ” I’m Yours “


Hiyaaa, I’ve been missing for so long some of my friends started to think I’m No more!! And that’s not a joke . So I had to make them believe I am . Actually Alive. . Ok!! Am addicted to Sherlock!!  And have been watching the three seasons back to back multiple times!!!  I simply can’t resist going back to them. But moving on!!! Here’s what Happened in the Last few Days!!! We Got Our New Car Delivered Just three Days Back. .  It’s a Basic Hatchback but still it’s Quite special for me. . It’s Red and Reminds me […]

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