HipHop Face Scrub Strawberry Review and Mini haul

Hello Friends,
Two days back I received some products from Stylecraze. I was so delighted to finally get hold of a product I’ve read many reviews on. The product is one from my recent mini haul.
Firstly,I have an oily t-zone and develop blackheads if I don’t use a scrub regularly. So to avoid this I usually use a gentle scrub from Clean & Clear . .But last week I finished my tube and since then just forgot to buy a new tube.
I was doing a bit of shopping online and saw this on Stylecraze. I just ordered it on impulse.
But Surely I don’t regret it

Oh, and here is a pic of the mini haul :

Hiphop Strawberry Face Scrub
My Mini HAUL From Stylecraze

Moving on to the review
The product comes in an attractive packaging and has bright strawberry graphics on it. The packaging, is quite nice.
Opening the cap you’ll get a sweet smell, like that of Alpenliebe . . 🙂

Hiphop Strawberry Face Scrub
Hiphop Strawberry Face Scrub

It’s not overpowering and disappears in minutes. The product has a light pinkish tint to it with light and dark brownish granules.
The scrub is normal . . I will not say the best but it does ex-foliate the dead skin and remove my blackheads pretty well. It’s decently priced and available in two quantities. I bought 120 gm pack for 68/- on Stylecraze (Can you imagine :P)
It does not dry out the skin but my skin feel moisturized and supple.

Hiphop Strawberry Face Scrub
Hiphop Strawberry Face Scrub


  •  Cheap . .120 gm product for 68 rs only
  • Removes blackheads
  • Does not sting or irritate my skin . .And here I must say I have sensitive skin and this has not created any problem for me.
  •  Available online but outside Mumbai you will not usually get it in beauty shops
  • Does not dry my skin
  • Sweet smell . .
  • Cute packaging


  • Availability limited to online stores
  • May irritate super sensitive skin

Other than these con’s I can’t think of any as I find it value for money. It’s cheap and also smells great.
Take care and will Review the other products of my Mini Haul soon.


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