Miniso Cityscape EDT Series Bali Morning Perfume Review

Miniso is a Japanese brand known for their cute Kawaii products which include knick knacks, stationery, home improvement, some PC accessories, makeup etc. I have another review coming up for The Miniso Color of Life EDT Violet Musk Perfume that I got earlier this year from their Darjeeling Store. So, let’s dive into the review: 

Miniso Cityscape EDT Series Bali Morning Packaging :

The perfume comes is a beautiful pastel peach card broad paper box with all the ingredient and scent details. The Package has 50ml of product for the price of 460 INR at the time of review. The price is just right for a daily use perfume and I prefer Miniso for their affordable price. The product is made in India. 

The bottle is a glass one, and is a clear bottle with a tropical colorful sticker covering one side, presenting the illusion of the beaches of BALI. I liked the simple square pull off cap, and the spray bottle does its job well. I faced no problem with the spray or bottle. 

Miniso Cityscape EDT Series Bali Morning Review:  

Miniso Cityscape Bali Morning Perfume Review

This smell is fruity and has a fresh vibe to it. I could smell citrus scents and a dash of floral too. I feel that the smell stays the strongest for the first hour or hour and half and then the intensity reduces to a soft smell. I still smell it on my wrists after 6 hours but it is quite faint. As a daily perfume I recommend it. 

*Tip : To make your perfumes stay longer you can add a bit of vaseline or unscented cream on the skin that you would spray your perfume on. This helps to make the scent stay longer. 

*Tip : I have noticed that directly spraying the perfume on skin sometimes yields less staying power than spraying the perfume in air and kind of stepping into the mist. (Hope I could get my point across 😛 )

Overall, at the price point of the perfume, and the staying power, I would purchase this as a daily scent, and not to wear on a date/special event. A good smell for the Summer months. 

Points : 3.5/5

Bye Ya’ll

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