Miniso Color of Life EDT Violet Musk Perfume Review

Miniso is a Japanese brand, bringing a lot of cute products to the Indian Market (Thank GOD). I love their products, especially their stationery and perfumes. The last post I published was the review of the Miniso Cityscape EDT Series Bali Morning perfume. This post provides a detailed review of the Violet Musk one.

Miniso Color of Life EDT Violet Musk Perfume Packaging

The packaging is simple, a pale pastel pink cardboard box and a similar coloured glass bottle with a plastic pull-off cap. The spraying mechanism is ok and I need two-three sprays for myself. The perfume comes in a 50ml bottle and is easy to carry, even in a sling bag. The packaging is simple and to the point.

The perfume sells for 460 INR at the time of the review.

Miniso Color of Life EDT Violet Musk Perfume Review:


The perfume smell is very musky and since I love musk smells, I picked this up very quickly when I went to the Miniso Store in Siliguri last month. I have been using the two perfumes I got from Miniso quite frequently. The smell has faint hints of floral and is quite musky and deep. I feel this suits better on a cold winter day, or a late-night dinner, or a date. I also wear this during the day, since it stays a long time.

The staying power for this scent has been quite good. I feel the first two hours see the smell as the strongest and then after it slowly fades into a faint lingering perfume. I have experienced the smell surviving in my clothing overnight and faintly on my skin for up to 8/9 hours. Do not expect it to stay as strong as an expensive EDT.

So, leave your comments on what you believe to be an affordable perfume for daily use.

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