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Hello bongs,

BAA is very happy to present a wedding website for all the bongo naaris (bong/Bengali women) . This is a happy moment for us since this website was live already and was being handled as a separate entity. Seeing the massive success that it is getting we are incorporating the website into Beautiful As Always .

Presentingggggg :

Bong Brides – a website for the Bengali brides and grooms . It is a Bengali website which highlights the rituals , culture , attire , jewellery and everything else that a Bengali bride and their would be partners need to know before they start planning.

So why Bong Brides?

When I started to plan my wedding (being the elder daughter) I found a number of issues with the lack of content and information regarding Bengali wedding – be it jewellery designs and names , what to buy for the tatwa ( gifts for the groom and their family) as well as wedding venues . I also found out that there was very few information about the little things that become huge parts of a successful Bengali marriage ceremony. This made me feel the need to create bong brides and it quickly became more of a passion project. Today the website is generating massive viewership even without promotion. In future we wish to take it to an independent website level – but here’s the website now.

I would love for you all to comment and provide feedback/ suggestions on what content would be great for the website.

Thank you all and expect to see many of you over at bong brides .


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