Shopping From AliExpress – My Faves, Great Deals and Questions Answered (FAQ)

Hello Everyone, 

I love shopping, and I always try out new shopping websites to shop! Some turn out to be great experiences, and some also go wrong. So, one fine April Afternoon while I was having lunch at office I casually browsed Aliexpress and bought a case for my Iphone.

AliExpress has been a part of my shopping ever since and I’ve shopped more than 60 items from them and they are arriving slowly every day ( Or a few days apart). So how do you shop and what do you shop? And how do you pay ? I’ve got all the questioned answered . Please read on to know more about alibaba express. 


 AliExpress Shopping Experience

You access AliExpress through two options- get Aliexpress app from Playstore or Appstore.  The app is free for download. You can also access the website version through and select the country (In most cases you will be automatically updated to India or your country based on IP and location but if not, set it). AliExpress provides additional discount for shopping from their App version, so log into your phone and hop from there, so that you can get additional 5-10% discount. 

There are a lot of Items You Should look out for at Ali baba Express. I’d suggest purchasing junk jewellery, jewellery making kits, craft items, Watches -inexpensive ones, dresses, lingerie, phone cases, covers for your phone and accessories, notebooks, table and home decoratives and organisers, shoes, A*ult games , cards, kids toys, cosmetics, fake nails, nail art supplies, makeup brushes, empty pallets , pencil case, pens and pencils, makeup sponges, erasers etc. 

Paying for Items at AliExpress

How to pay for Aliexpress order? Well, I’m glad that paying for ordered items is very simple for Aliexpress. I’m pretty sure that any International Debit card (Visa/Mastercard) will be usable. I use both my HDFC credit card and ICICI Debit card for purchase & don’t forget to search for aliexpress coupons. They work equally well, and I usually do not save the card details in the app for security reasons but you can. 

The Time Required : 

I have shopped for a lot of things, which include Phone cases and Covers, Phone accessories – Cable organisers, stands, dust plugs; fake Nails , Watches , Tops, Jewellery , erasers, pen cases, makeup sponges, organisers, jewellery making supplies and more. I’ve loved all the items that have reached me, some coming within three weeks and some taking more than 6/7 weeks. Online clothes shopping from Ali Express has not been my very anticipated ones as I’m sure I’ll mess up with size and fit. 

Now comes the dreaded part- how much time does it take for a product to reach you. Well, It depends on many things- the courier opted for (Aliexpress free shipping or paid one), the customs, the location and your luck too. I’ve got some packages within three weeks, some at just 1 month and some in 6/7 weeks. I was typically frustrated when a pack of fake nails came 4 weeks prior to the nail glue. (WTH!) But my cases and covers have all come within 3/5 weeks, jewellery within 5-7 weeks(at most) and I mostly anticipate to get them at 4 weeks time. But keep in mind I live in a very prominent area in Kolkata and I have a Head Post office just metres away from my residence(from where the mail is distributed). 

The items I’ve bought were mostly priced below 500 and did not incur any customs duty but all your packages will be passed through Customs. 

Items You Should Not buy from AliExpress:

This is my opinion and you might differ, but I’m not very sure about purchasing expensive electronics like phones, TV, and other appliances. If you do, choose the paid and tracked shipping option for better security. Also , since many sellers mention item details and sometimes packages come torn or crumpled, you might nit want to bring things that are too personal or fragile. 

What to do if you have not received item?

What my friends always ask me is that , what if I order something through online shopping at Ali Express and it does not come? I tell them that all purchases are protected by the Purchase protection from AliExpress as soon as they are shipped. So, the max time allowed on Purchase protection is 60 days, and if on the 59th day you have not received the item- ask the seller to extend protection. This 60 days is the time when the seller is bound to take responsibility and the AliExpress team withholds the payment from them. If for any reason you forget to confirm the item receipt the seller automatically gets the nod that the item is received. So, if you are not sure if you will get the product in the timeline, (i.e. 60 days) ask the seller to extend the time. If you forget to ask and the protection is over, you will have no way to ask for refund or raise a dispute. 


Top 11 Tips to Buy Items from AliExpress

* Always see if same item is sold by a seller with good reputation /number of orders and shop from them- that way you can be sure that you will get good deals- good products. ‘(P.S. I always see the images from buyers and then decide)

* Change the default Currency from USD to INR from website using the drop down where the USD is shown as default currency

* Always provide full and extensive address (Including post office , nearby landmark) 

* I would suggest not to store credit card /debit card details in app/website

* Do not buy very personal / fragile items 

* Always keep a check on the remaining days (usually 60 days are provided for Purchase protection  and you can ask the sellers to extend it if you have not received item. 

* Always keep a checkout for the purchase protection – ask to extend the time at least 2/3 days prior to end of purchase protection 

* Raise dispute if you have not got an item or it is not the same as described. 

* Make small purchases to test out a seller, once you search the website for an item(example – press on nails) select ‘number of orders’ to get the most ordered items (Sellers you will have most feedback -picture and text and more chances of getting great products)

*Choose paid shipping and expedite shipping if you are buying fragile or expensive items.

*Start small with ordering, and since there is no lower value of order start small and increase the purchase amount



So, that’s it! Have a look at the website and be sure that you can get pretty cool deals for all your needs. Also I can suggest that you might want to consider to buy in bulk for better offers – get reduced prices for orders above quantity 3-5 pieces. 








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