You are beautiful 

you are beautiful

Hi Everyone,   My blog as you can see is named ‘Beautiful As Always’ and that’s because I believe that beautiful is a word that we all can relate too. Everyone in my opinion is beautiful whether they are size zero or size 8 , whether they are 20 or 40 !  So why do we just call some people beautiful and often feel that we aren’t beautiful ! It’s because of this notion or set structure of beauty that we have to follow! If you have ever seen a fairness ads you’ll see that most (99.99) per cent have […]

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Comparing Lasers to Other Anti-Aging Methods for Skin Health

Comparing Lasers to Other Anti-Aging Methods for Skin Health When you wake up one day and suddenly find yourself with skin problems, it’s not too late to explore anti-aging treatments. Although, one of the best ways to stave off signs of aging is to develop and stick to a skincare routine from an early age. Nevertheless there are plenty of procedures offered by spa owners and skincare clinics that can help you to clear up your skin. Here are some of the many options available to you.  Lasers Can Treat Wrinkles and Other Conditions Obviously, one of the most popular […]

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