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When it comes to makeup every woman you consider is an aficionado. Don’t you feel euphoric every time you add a new makeup product on your dressing table? I know you do! And trust me the feelings are mutual on this side. But isn’t it difficult for you to find all the makeup products you yearn for under one roof with discounts? Well, worry no more ladies as today I bring you the most amazing and helpful Top 10 list you have ever seen. Today you will come across some really impressive website list to binge shop till you drop!



 Top 10 websites for Quality Makeup- Limeroad

Well, this is the first name in our “Top 10 list”, I know many of you consider this brand as a website which is desirable for buying clothes, However, you may wanna think again ladies as this site has some of the most amazing collection of makeup. This site is definitely something you should revisit soon to for all your makeup necessities.




Another amazing name in our list of websites which you thought only specialized in selling clothes and accessories. Am I not giving you loads of surprises today? Well, as we all know that Koovs is one of India’s leading websites when it comes women apparels but what we don’t know is that it is also one of the best and reliable sites when it comes to buying makeup.





If you don’t know this site, then I believe you were living under a rock, or probably you are just very new to the makeup world. Whatever the reason is I would like to warmly introduce you to the world of makeup where everything is as beautiful as the wing of my eyeliner. So coming back to Nykaa, I think this is one of the sites you should bookmark on your homepage because it’s a safe haven for every woman where she gets everything under one roof with huge discounts! This is the name which is certainly the best in this list of websites.




Talking about makeup and we forget Fabbag? Fabbag is one of the rare websites I have come across. They have really high quality products and when I say “products” I mean everything a girl needs in her regular regime from shampoos to body wash to bath bombs. You name it and they have it. This name had to be in the Top 10 list.




India’s official “apni dukaan” which is also one of the leading E-commerce websites in the world none other than Amazon. The interesting thing about buying products from Amazon is their “amazon guarantee” which is ready to take back all the products if you have any issues with them. The customer service is pretty responsive and friendly. This is one the sites a girl should for sure try at least once.




I wish everything in life was as easy as finding products at I came across this site through an advertisement next to my inbox. Purplle is an initiative started by some of the sharpest minds of IITs and IIMs. In fact their team mostly consists of alumni of IITS and IIMS. This startup definitely changed everything for women and made everything a piece of cake. You can find so many make up products with huge discounts! Another amazing name added to our list of websites.




Another random website which I came across was Goodchoice Well, I wouldn’t say you will find everything you need here, but if you are someone who is not very brand conscious and is okay with using products which are small scale brands then this is the place meant for you. They have some great schemes which you could avail to get additional discounts.




Would you believe me if I tell you that there is a website on the internet which let’s you order all the International makeup products and delivers it to your doorstep? If you don’t believe me then would you believe me if I tell you that they often provide additional discounts which are mind boggling? Okay, so you still think I’m kidding? Then what if I tell you they do all of the above and also provide you with not 1 not 2 but 3 free beauty samples of your choice! Now who doesn’t love some freebies? Especially when they satisfy your love for foreign makeup brands.




Another amazing name in the list of websites which you could try is Strawberrynet. They have some really trendy products in their online store. All in all Strawberrynet is worthy of at least one shot. We are almost at the end of this Top 10 list.




I know most of you have that hidden fetish for makeup products which belong to foreing brands. All those products look so tempting! “I wish I could buy them in India” are the exact thoughts which run in the minds of an Indian girl. Worry not girls! Nordstrom got your back. Now before you get all worried thinking about all that crazy shipping expense you’ll have to pay if you order something from overseas then let me tell you those two magic words I have learnt from them, “FREE SHIPPING”. Yes, ladies you heard it right! Nordstrom provides you with free shipping so you can keep adding everything to your cart without paying for the delivery.

With that, I wrap up my top 10 list, I hope you liked it and I hope you came across sites which were helpful to you! Kudos! Stay beautiful.

Amy Gupta

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