Top 5 Latest Fashion Trends For Women (Monsoon Special)

I love monsoons, in fact, most of the people I have met love the monsoon season. After all, who doesn’t love watching it rain outside their window with a cup of hot coffee along with some desi snacks to accompany them? Sounds like a great plan to enjoy the upcoming monsoon season. However, with monsoons ready to hit the country are you ready with your fashion trend meter? . Well, today I bring you 5 fashion trends which you ought to follow if you want to take your fashion trend metre to another level. Without further ado, let’s just get started.




Culottes are back again in the game! So I believe many of you know what culottes are but for those of you who don’t know what they are let me explain it to you that these were the trendiest piece of clothing that women owned in the 80s. I believe most of you even would have seen some actresses wear these in an old movie. Owning a pair of culottes is definitely a must in this rainy season as it’s very trendy and brings out a very chic look. You could buy these in basic colors like black,gray or blue, but if you wanna take it to another level, then you could also go for floral or printed culottes. You could pair these with a crop top or a singlet and you are good to go. An important thing while shopping for culottes which you should keep in mind is the length, they shouldn’t be too long or too short. The most desirable culottes are the ones which are high waisted and end right below your knee.




Another important thing that should definitely be a part of your fashion trend wardrobe is none other than a long shrug. Shrugs are something which you could wear on the days when you want to keep everything simple. You could go for a full sleeves shrug or a cut sleeves shrug. It is always preferable to go for a printed shrug as it brings out a very bohemian look when you carry them with plain tees. Shrugs are definitely a life saver on your gloomy days to make you look very chic. You can pair them up with a plain tee along with some denim shorts and shoes. The best part of wearing a shrug during this season would be the fact that it saves you from those chills every time the wind blows. It’s like a win and win situation for you.




Add a little bit of color to your closet mate! When it comes to the girls who love to experiment a lot florals can never go wrong for you! To the days when the sun shines on rare occasions you should definitely go for something colorful. A printed floral dress should be your dearest friend on such bright and shiny days. Not only it will bring out a very girly side of yours, but also make you stand out in the crowd. You could go for a floral print or maybe an Aztec print as both the prints are very vibrant and perfect for such days. While buying a dress all you need to keep in mind is your comfort, buy what makes you feel beautiful and comfortable and you would be good to go. A perfect fashion trend item added to your wardrobe.




Indian girls add a different charm to their personalities everytime they wear something ethnic. Now, I know that you cannot wear ethnic when it’s too hot however, monsoon is the perfect season for you to bring out all those beautiful kurtis which are hidden in some corner of your closet. You can go for a long kurti which is pretty in this year, along with a pair of palazzos or with a long skirt to bring out a side which is a combination of ethnic and comfort. If you are someone who wants to take things simple then you can also team it up with a pair of plain leggings. To complete the look wear some great jhumkis with a bohemian neckpiece. You would be good to go mate.




Okay, so I know this thing is nothing new but this is a must have in your wardrobe to meet your fashion trend needs. Having good shirt is important as you could team it up with anything in various ways. You could layer your shirt up with a dark colored or a white camisole. Or if you don’t want to layer it up then you can always tuck it in your jeans and go for the professional look. In my personal opinion you should definitely have a peter pan collared shirt not only because they are in fashion right now, but they also add a different touch to your aura. The best part about having a shirt is you can go for any size, you can buy a shirt which perfectly fits you and hugs your body or you can go for an oversized baggy shirt which gives you a punk look.

All in all, these are some of the basic for sure items which you should definitely add to your wardrobe to set your fashion trend metre.So that’s all for today I really hope you liked this article and it was helpful for you and your fashion needs.


~By Amy


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