Vilvah Rosewater Facial Toner Review, Price and Where to buy

Vilvah Store Pure Rose Water Facial Toner Review

Heyy Lovelies,

I bought the Vilvah rosewater facial toner a few days back and has been using it as my daily toner two times a day. After two weeks of constant use, pairing with various skincare items, I feel confident enough to review the product. Keep reading, for a short and sweet review :

Vilvah the brand and Vilval Rosewater toner

Vilvah Store Pure Rose Water Facial Toner Review

I am currently in my late 20s and I was looking for a new toner. I have naturally good skin, which has made me lazy with my skincare, but I got to know about Vilvah from Shweta Vijay’s YT video and felt it was a good choice. Vilvah is an Indian brand, created by Kruthika Kumaran, which promises ethically sourced pure ingredients and skincare formulas which do not contain hidden ingredients or toxic chemicals. While I do not believe all natural is good , since I feel I am more confident about chemicals which have been tested , proven effective and sold, while I would be guessing the efficacy of natural ingredients just on the basis of age old myths and DIYs. I was really attracted to Vilvah’s promise on purity, conscious packaging and also the reviews from both influencers and customers.

Vilvah rosewater facial toner Packaging:

Vilvah Store Pure Rose Water Facial Toner Review

Comes in a metal package with a spray nozzle and a plastic lid to keep the nozzle head secure. The packaging is recyclable and Vilvah offers the option of sending back the packaging.

Vilvah rosewater facial toner Price:

Vilvah Store Pure Rose Water Facial Toner Review

On 2nd Nov, 2020 the price of Vilvah rosewater facial toner was 490 rs . When I got it in September, it was 450, so the price was increased recently. You can get a good deal using any affiliated influencer’s code, or Make use of the offers Vilvah offers from time to time.

Vilvah rosewater facial toner Review:

Vilvah Store Pure Rose Water Facial Toner Review
Vilvah Store Pure Rose Water Facial Toner Review

The smell of Vilvah rosewater facial toner is Divine, I hate the artificial and strong smell of Dabur Gulabari, and hence have never used it before on the long run. This toner has a great smell, which is not added , it is the natural rose smell. The smell fades quite fast, as soon as the water evaporates. The spray nozzle works great, 2 sprays are ok for my face. Vilvah rosewater facial toner is made from fresh roses which are sourced from Uttarakhand. They have claimed that 1 liter of rose water is made from 5 kg of Rose petals. It is just pure distilled rose water, so there’s no harm to skin.

Disclaimer: If you are very sensitive to smell, or have allergy to rose and rose products, please do not purchase. I would strongly advise against using this for any internal purposes. Please use it only cosmetically and externally.

I have used it paired with Juicy Chemistry Kakadu Plum & Pomegranate Organic Facial Oil, as well as CosRX Snail Mucin Essence and even my Etude House Sleeping Pack, and it worked OK.

I will repurchase this definitely 🙂



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