You are beautiful 

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My blog as you can see is named ‘Beautiful As Always’ and that’s because I believe that beautiful is a word that we all can relate too. Everyone in my opinion is beautiful whether they are size zero or size 8 , whether they are 20 or 40 ! 

So why do we just call some people beautiful and often feel that we aren’t beautiful ! It’s because of this notion or set structure of beauty that we have to follow! If you have ever seen a fairness ads you’ll see that most (99.99) per cent have naturally beautiful women, who are morphed , edited and made fair to the extent that they just look like dolls ! But is that the notion of beauty that you wish to see your daughter believe. Can we see so many young women feel dejected and lose self esteem because they are unique and beautiful in their own way & not the way that society wants them to be? 

you are beautiful

I believe that beauty comes from within ! Makeup is a great way to achieve and further boost your confidence but if you are using it to just get people to call you pretty or beautiful ! You can definitely say that it can become like an addiction to look pretty – prettier than Sneha, the girl at office ! Being prettiest in the office or college but do you just want to be remembered as the prettiest girl in school (and people would say – she was always wearing makeup which in my opinion is just fine if it gives you a boost in confidence but not because it provides you a medium to hate your real self)  or a funny witty girl who looked so confidant in her own skin ? I agree some people have serious health or problems with their skin and looks and need to wear makeup but it surely does not mean that you will use the makeup to hate your own self ! I can say that without having the ability to acknowledge ones own self and be proud of who they are naturally it becomes tough to appreciate others ! 

Then what can you do to appreciate yourself ? You can for the first part be as true to yourself as possible , and this can be difficult for the first few months ! But you will better when you are comfortable in your own skin ! It’s better to be remembered for having courage to show one’a own skills than shielding it with fakeness and expecting to become an ideal person ! 


Actually ideal is just a word , you are ideal just as you are ! You are unique and you are the only You in the world ! So pull your socks up and get yourself together! Let’s show the world that everyone is beautiful in their own way !




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